1. How do I register for Masque?

You can download the Masque App and register by verifying your mobile number & providing profile information.

2. What are the features supported by Masque?

Masque allows you to:
(i) Connect with strangers nearby Anonymously.
(ii) Lets you share self destructible Selfies and Audio Notes with your stranger contacts.
(iii) Send stickers, emojis to your stranger contacts.

3. Will my identity be ever revealed to strangers I am talking to?

No your identity will never be revealed to the anyone.

4. How is a best match in strangers done?

When you wish to connect with a stranger, there are other people who also want to connect. Out of these people best match is found for you based on gender, location and age.

5. Will my selfies and audio notes self destruct?

Yes, your selfies and audio notes self destruct as soon as they are sent from your phone, when the stranger to whom you have sent the file, opens it it self destructs after viewing. The files are also destructed from the server.

6. A stranger I am talking to, is bothering me. What should I do?

You can disconnect from a stranger anytime by pressing disconnect. The stranger will not be able to contact you further. In case the stranger is being abusive or sending indecent media, you can report abuse as well.

7. How do I stop push notifications from Masque?

Please visit Menu -> Settings. Disable Push notifications to stop receiving Push notifications from Masque.

8. Can I reconnect with a stranger that I have disconnected?

Yes , if the stranger is also looking for strangers at the same time as you and you both are best match for each other, they you can be connected to each other again.

9. Will verifying my number on masque cost me money?

Yes, sending SMS code will cost you the same as sending a local SMS.

10. How do I delete my account on Masque?

Please uninstall the application , your account will no longer be active.

11. Can I signout from Masque?

No, you cannot signout from Masque. You can disable push notifications and exit the app. The app will not be able to send you messages.